New to online therapy?

For online video counseling, I use the HIPAA-secure version of Google Meet.  It offers easy-to-join video to meet face to face, remotely. Just click on the link I’ll send to you and we’ll be connected in a private, secure session on your phone or computer.

Prepare your space

Make sure that your space offers privacy and will be free from disruptions including children and pets.

If possible, select a room from which others won’t hear you talking.

Also, consider using headphones or earbuds to reduce echo and keep the conversation private.

Make sure you have ample light and avoid a light source or windows directly behind you.

But don’t forget to make the space comfortable, too!

Prepare your tech

A laptop or desktop computer is preferred for the larger screen, although a tablet or phone can also be used.

Make sure your device is charged up or plugged in.

You’ll want to make sure any device is stabilized, on a stand, and the camera is at eye-level.  50 minutes gets long if you are holding your phone!

Test your internet connection and move closer to your wifi router, if needed.

Close out any other programs that you don’t need as they may slow down your internet connection or your system.



Laptop or desktop computer

No downloads or plugins are required on your laptop or PC!  Just use your favorite modern browser.


Download the Meet app for iPhone

Android smartphones

Download the Meet app for Android

Any issues or problems?

Even with all the prep, tech can still fail!  Phone is always a good backup to work through technical challenges or conduct the session without video.

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